Core values

  • Value Leadership: Creating Value for Lenida and Value for Lenina.
  • Competitive Driven: Continuous Breakthrough in the Competition and Continuous Improvement.
  • Collaboration: Work together to create common values.

Entrepreneurial spirit

  • Entrepreneurship: Forever entrepreneurship, Forever Paul leading.
  • Innovation: Without innovation, entrepreneurship will not really succeed and it will be hard to stay ahead.
  • Competition first: competition and innovation are the leading foundations and tools.
  • Leading: There is no innovative motivation and behavior without the motivation, determination and determination to win.

Business philosophy

  • Simple: Helps reduce costs, helps reduce tissue loss, and helps improve efficiency.
  • Cost: an important factor in the market competition, cost leadership is one of the core competitive advantages Leaninga maintains in the industry.
  • Speed: more reflected in efficiency, seize the fleeting market opportunities, opportunities for development.
  • Synergy: A key factor that ultimately translates speed into effectiveness, and is the best way to make effective use of resources.
  • Talent: is the main body to create and realize value, is the main force in the forefront and leading.